What is Yoga?

What is yoga: The origin of the word “yoga” is the word “YUJ”. In Sanskrit, the meaning of the word is: connection, union, direction of the consiesness to a certain place. This is the act of connecting our personal will to the will of the divinity. This means, according to …

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מי אנחנו?\Who Are We?

עמית מנבר

Amit Manbar

I have been following the path of yoga since 2006. I met this magical practice in Rishikesh, India, where I met a yogi named Parkes and had the privilege to learn from him for days and nights on the banks of a river in a beautiful and peaceful land. There, I first learned of the ideas and the poses of yoga. Later during that journey I experienced further learning with different teachers, and I continued to explore and to dive deeper into the practice of yoga.

In 2009 I first met the ashtanga yoga technique and was certified to teach by my teacher to this day, Shimon Ben Avi. Since then, I have participated in workshops and experienced learning with many different teachers such as Prasad Rngkar, Swami Aomnnd, Andrei Sidrski, Hugh Fulton, Sarah Hayden and others.

Today, I study and teach yoga as a way of life in the spirit of the tradition which was given to us by the great teachers Ptbhi Joyce and Krishnamacharya, the spirit of Vinyasa. On my way I also met many others who lit my path. I would be happy to share all my knowledge on the world of yoga with anyone who will may benefit from it.

Blessing and Light, Amit Manbar


Anais Kleiser Manbar

I have been walking path of yoga since I was 18 years old, when I attended Iyengar Yoga classes in my hometown of Strasburg, France, and had an immediate connection to the practice and ideas of yoga. Later that year, I traveled to India for a journey that lasted 12 months, where I deepened my connection to yoga with a variety of teachers in a variety of ashrams throughout India. I began to explore this tradition and especially to understand yoga outside of  the mattress. I continued my journey at the age of 20, when I went to India again, and I took an Ayurvedic (Indian medicine) massage course and practiced meditation and yoga with a variety of other unknown teachers, and developed a personal practice routine that supported my life.

In 2009 in Israel I met my teacher to this day, Shimon Ben Avi, and I met the Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa method that became my base of practice.

In 2013, I studied a two-year teacher’s course, and continued to explore and deepen the self-inquiry which yoga offers, with the help of a variety of teachers in Israel and abroad, such as Roxanne Stolk, Andrei Sidarsky and many more. I teach Ashtanga and Vinyasa lessons and yoga classes for children to which I am connected through my work as a Waldorf kindergarden teacher, and I find it a great privilege to share, teach and learn yoga.

You are welcome to walk with me. Hari Om.

Reasons to Practice Yoga

To feel great

To detox the body

Mental and spiritual growth


To increase strength and flexibility

To build core muscle strength

To balance the mind and the soul

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